Welcome to the Bifrost Wiki! This central source of truth contains guides for interacting with the core functionality.
Bifrost is a DeFi protocol that connect with Polkadot and different PoS blockchains to provide staking derivative though XCMP or Smart Contract.
Bifrost Infographic
WiKi is divided into the following main parts:
Overview, the content of the introduction to the Bifrost project, aimed at all individuals and organizations interested in the Bifrost project;
Getting Started, introduce some basic knowledge for Bifrost beginners;
Integration, about development, deployment, operation and maintenance, system integration, system API, Bifrost code and processes, etc., mainly for engineering and technical personnel who want to develop based on Bifrost;
Learn, academic research, mathematical formulas, design principles and other aspects of Bifrost system architecture, design, operation, etc., mainly written for researchers;
Publicity, public information about Bifrost project information, news, events, operations, etc.;
Governance, for the Bifrost community, mainly includes on-chain governance, community voting and other content.
Resources, to provide everyone with Logo image resources, which is convenient for partners to write articles, design posters, etc.

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