Code of Conduct

We expect our Asgardians to be professional and engage in their role with the seriousness and competence that is their due. Failing to adhere to the code may result in being removed from the Team. In particular:
  • Be objective and factual in your approach. Do not provide false information or speculate. Asgardians have an elevated position within the Bifrost community, and consequently it is important to consider the messages you communicate and how factual they are. It is better to link to existing information (e.g., on a wiki/doc/article) before assuming an answer and potentially misleading someone.
  • Do not engage in abuses of power. Do not use your status as Asgardian, to exploit others (e.g., "Send me some KSM and I'll make sure your issue will be verified"), or use the status to promote your own agenda (e.g., your own art collection, or YouTube channel, your new investment opportunity).
  • Be polite and supportive. Do not be abusive or toxic. If someone in the community gets you angry, disengage, take a break and let someone else handle them.
  • Raise concerns and issues respectfully and internally. Do not raise issues you might have with Bifrost in public channels. Asgardians are passionate about seeing the protocol expand and always get new users, but sometimes our views might not always align: it is better to discuss these views internally with mutual respect.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of other Asgardians and information shared with the group (e.g., do not screenshot Bifrost chat content for display in other places, do not share draft documents outside the group). Don't leak any information.
  • Being an Asgardian shouldn't be seen as a job, however there is an expectation of making periodic contributions. We know sometimes life gets busy but we expect our contributors to never be inactive for longer than 2 months. This is not done as a punishment, but designed to keep the management under control and constant oversight. ​
For more information about the program, please contact our Growth Manager, Christian or our Head of Community, Thomas:
Discord: Warwinner#6083
Twitter: @chriswarwinner
Telegram: @chriswarwinner
Discord: SupDup44(Thomas)#0599
Twitter: @ThomasR56826746
Telegram: @SuperDupont44