# Bifrost

# What is Bifrost?

Bifrost is a Polkadot parachain developed using Substrate that is vertical to the Staking Ecology. Users can swap PoS Token to Bifrost vToken through the Bifrost transfer bridge at any time to obtain Staking income and liquidity.

# Why Bifrost?

Bifrost was committed to solving three problems at the beginning of its creation. These are the reward issues of Staking and DeFi, the competition of liquidity and security, and the conflict between Staking and cross-chain. In the face of these issues, we verified an interesting solution to provide a staking derivative, and use the advantages of the derivative to solve the current major problems. In addition, Bifrost has a higher annualized reward than other nodes or service providers.

# How Bifrost solve these problems?

Solving these problems is mainly due to Bifrost's vToken model. vToken is an universal asset used to provide staking liquidity. Using Bifrost protocol, Token can be converted into vToken according to a certain percentage. While the original Token participates in Staking, vToken can make full use of the advantages of its common assets in other public chains, Dapps, and security performance to solve the problems of Staking & DeFi earnings, liquidity & security, and Staking & cross-chain.

# vToken

# What is vToken?

vToken is an universal asset used to provide staking liquidity. vToken is a staking derivative generated by participants through the Bifrost protocol. vToken can optimize transactions in multiple scenarios such as DeFi, Dapp, and DEX. For example, when vToken is used as a collateral for borrowing, its staking reward can offset part of the interest and realize low-interest borrowing.

# What are the usage scenarios of vToken?

  • Hedging and anti-inflation, prevent devaluation of staked assets, no need to lock positions
  • Double rewards-Get staking rewards and DeFi interests at the same time.
  • Leverage-Use vToken loan leverage to expand the staking principal.
  • Cross-chain rewards-Making cross-chain scenarios compatible with staking rewards.

# Which PoS tokens does Bifrost support for vToken swap?

After the Bifrost mainnet is officially launched, the first phase will open KSM, DOT, Staking and vKSM and vDOT exchange. The exchange of ETH, EOS, IOST and vToken (vETH, vEOS, vIOST) will also be opened in the future.

# How to get vToken?

vToken can be purchased directly from wallets, exchanges (CEX & DEX). In addition, users can swap vTokens by downloading the Bifrost Dapp after the official launch of the Bifrost mainnet.

# Staking

# What is the Bifrost Marketization Model of the staking rewards?

Bifrost improves Staking rewards by voting Marketization model. For example, KSM's voting rights in the Bifrost Staking Pool are awarded by market bidding. Whoever bids high, who gets the right to vote for the corresponding number of KSMs in the Bifrost Staking Pool. In this way, small nodes that have not reached the threshold for block production can be self-incubated and enter the public voter's field of vision to provide better services to confront head nodes, making the node network safer and healthier.

# What are the staking rewards of the PoS Token on Bifrost?

Due to Biforst's Marketization Model of Staking rewards, the reward of the tokens listed on Bifrost will be higher than that of ordinary staking. If KSM's current annualized rate of return is 20%, then vKSM will also have an annualized rate of at least 20%.


# What is BNC?

BNC is Bifrost's platform token, with a total of 80 million. BNC mainly played an active role in staking rewards and handling fees, deposits for voting rights bidding, and governance tools.

# What is BNC token worth?

Currently BNC has not been circulated in the market. It is expected to circulate at least once Polkadot supports parachain and the Bifrost mainnet is online.

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