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In order to let people from different regions have a certain understanding of Bifrost, Bifrost welcome authors who love to write and lead more friends to learn about Polkadot, DeFi, Staking and cross-chain through Bifrost. There are no restrictions on the writing platform. Writers can post your positive views on Bifrost on Medium, CoinDesk, The Block, Cointelegraph and Hacknoon. The more views and likes the article has, the more rewards Bifrost give you. After the article is published, you can contact us via Bifrost's official email [email protected] and attach a link to your work. We will reply you as soon as possible after checking.

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Article LinkAddressAmount​https://cutt.ly/pcC7gaa​5Hg96xTCugbbFd55F9iBNofie4gpAgmJUVGd8nRL5vqCPCSp20 BNC​https://cutt.ly/Rnm82gn​fzDwWf4j3wKCiasyrdEjHMNYLZWYefyXgCMS7t8jdVcTYEF40 BNC

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