Bifrost adopts a public treasury (Treasury) mechanism similar to Polkadot/Kusama. The fees collected by Treasury mainly include:
  • The share of transaction fees;
  • the amount of fines and forfeitures triggered by various bad behaviors;
  • the deposits after the candidates for the board of directors lose the election;
  • the deposits after the account is deleted, etc.

Treasury Proposal

As the Bifrost network grows, Treasury's available balance will increase. Any contribution that is beneficial to Bifrost's ecology can apply for funds in Treasury to achieve a certain degree of incentives. Contributions in the following areas are welcome:
  • Infrastructure deployment and operation and maintenance;
  • network security, such as monitoring services, audits, etc.;
  • ecological support, such as cooperation with third-party blockchains;
  • marketing activities, including advertising, cooperation, etc.;
  • community activities and outreach, such as meet-and-greets, Maker space, etc.;
  • software development, such as wallet, client, etc.
Before submit a Treasury Proposal, we suggest the proposer create an off-chain discusstion at Open Discusstion.


Next to the proposals process, a separate system for making tips exists for the Treasury. Tips can be suggested by anyone and are supported by members of the Council. Tips do not have any definite value; the final value of the tip is decided based on the median of all tips issued by the tippers. We welcome all community works for tipping, suggestions are not limited to examples below:
  • Wiki translate/update;
  • Bifrost related articles;
  • Tutorial videos, etc.