Token Distribution

BNC Distribution in Activities

First Quarter of 2021

1. vETH Mint Drop 1

3. How to participate in Bifrost vETH Mint Drop between Polkadot Eco and Ethereum Layer 2?

4. Bifrost Meme Contest

5. Russian Community New Year Event

6. Why Parachain Slot Auctions Are Worth the Wait

7. DeFi Go Community AMA

8. vETH Mint Drop 2

9. Bifrost x Plasm at PolkaWarriors AMA

10. Tuoluo Finance AMA

11. PolkaWorld AMA

12. vETH Hold Airdrop

13. vETH Liquidity Mining on DODO 1

Second Quarter of 2020

1. How to balance liquidity and high yield with the new Staking + DeFi play?

2. Polkadot Ecoproject Bifrost, a new scenario for cross-chain extension Staking

3. Private Sharing Session of Polkadot Project Parties: Can Polkadot Become the Next Ethereum?

4. Polkadot Ecoproject Bifrost, the new pioneer in POS mining

Third Quarter of 2020

1. How to implement Defi & Staking with Bifrost?

2. Bifrost Across PoS Consensus and DeFi

3. Weibo Event

Fourth Quarter of 2020

1. Polkadot Treasures Project - A Closer Look at the Bifrost TestNet and Project Development Path

2. Bifrost Telegram AMA

3. PolkaNight Offline Event

4. Web3 Conference and Wanxiang Blockchain Week Review What's New at Bifrost

5. How to get Staking rewards in ETH 2.0 without locking-up

6. Candy Theme AMA-Polkadot

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