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Meaning and Composition

Bifrost’s logo is composed of graphics and text. The graphic part implies the abstract intent of the Rainbow Bridge, and the text part is Bifrost’s standard letter font


Safety area

During the use of the Logo, always ensure that there is no interference from other elements in the safety area


About the choice of color
On a white/light background, the "color graphics-black text" logo is preferred, and pure black logos can also be used. On a black/dark background, the "color graphics-white text" logo is preferred, and pure white logos can also be used.
About the choice of graphics
In formal occasions (such as official posters, cooperative publicity, formal announcements, etc.), please be sure to use the complete "graphics + text" logo.
In some other scenarios (such as project avatars, promotional pictures, social media images, etc.), you can use either a complete logo or a "single graphic logo" according to actual needs. When the display area is a square/circular area similar to 1:1 and the display size is relatively small, if there is a clear text that reflects Bifrost, it is recommended to use "Single Graphic Logo" in the Logo section.

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