Roles of Participants


Validator randomly assigned through parallel threads or parallel chain card slots. This role is the Validator in the Polkadot or Kusama network. It will execute the Bifrost business code and verify the final state of the block.


Responsible for collecting user call data and transmitting query information. Collator will generate blocks and submit them to the Validator for final verification.


Voting bidders are elected through a referendum on the proposal. The account passed by the election becomes Bidder, which can bind the address of the node that needs to be voted, and has the right to bid to obtain votes in the Bifrost voting pool, such as the Slash level or number of times the role occurs If the upper limit is triggered, Bidder permissions will be cancelled.


vToken exchange or holder, who is the auctioneer of the agreement entrusted voting rights.


The council is mainly required to perform three governance tasks: propose a referendum, cancel an uncontroversial, dangerous or malicious referendum, and elect a technical committee.

Technical Committee

When the system is in a critical state and faces serious risks, the technical committee can work with the Bifrost Council to formulate an emergency referendum to quickly vote and implement the system's first aid plan.


Super administrator, in the initial stage of system launch, has the right to set and adjust most system parameters to maintain system development, but after the stable operation of the Bifrost mainnet, Sudo permissions will be removed through a community proposal referendum.
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