# Substrate China Day

One block + developer community and Parity jointly host the first online live video "Substrate China day"! Invited China's high-quality Polkadot ecological projects and technical communities Acala, Bifrost, Crust, Darwinia, Phala, MXC, ChainX, Dipole and PolkaBase to gather top developers for in-depth exchanges and discuss future development directions together.

Date: 2020/6/19


  • Watch the live video "Substrate China Day"
  • Participate lucky draw part


  • Click on the assistant to participate in this lucky draw.
  • Winners fill in the recipient address in the shared file on June 22
  • For BNC winners, please register your BNC address and contact the official Bifrost admin to transfer token.

Participation result:

Video views: 1,597

Participants in the draw: 1,227

Winners of Bifrost Peripheral Products: 15

Prize giving:

Total prizes for the event: 200 BNC & Bifrost and T-shirt * 5