# EOS Testnet Account Register & Test Token Withdrawal Tutorial

1. Visit EOS Jungle Testnet (opens new window)

2. Click Create key to create the public and private keys of the EOS testnet account.

**3. Save Public key and Private key **

4. Return to the homepage, click Create Account to create an EOS testnet account.

5. Imput account information

6. Return to the homepage and click Faucet to receive the test Tokens.

7. Enter the 12-digit account nickname you just created, and click Send Coins to receive EOS test coins.

8. Check the number of EOS test tokens received.

9. The above are all the tutorials for EOS Jungle test network account registration and test tokens collection.创建过程中如有任何问题,欢迎加 Bifrost 小姐姐 微信号: bifrost00 进群提问 😃