# EOS Cross-chain Transfer Tutorial

# EOS Jungle Testnet-Asgard CC2 | TokenPocket wallet cross-chain transfer

1. Register an EOS Testnet account, click to view Register Tutorial (opens new window)

2. Open the TokenPocket wallet App on the mobile phone (TP wallet download link: https://www.tokenpocket.pro/ (opens new window)

3. Click Me to enter Settings-Node Setting

4. Scroll down to the custom, click Add a custom node to copy and paste the node link: https://jungle.eosn.io:443

5. Return to the Assets and click on the wallet in the upper right corner to import the EOS testnet account

6. After the import is successful, return to the homepage of the wallet Assets, you can find 100 EOS test coins to the account.

7. After clicking Transfer, enter bifrostcross as the recipient account in Receiver

8. Copy and paste your BNC address @bifrost in Memo For example: [email protected]

Note: For BNC address registration, please refer to BNC address register tutorial (opens new window)

9. The transfer amount must be greater than 50 EOS to record a cross-chain

The above is the whole process of cross-chain transfer from EOS Jungle test network to Bifrost Asgard CC2 using TP wallet~ In addition, you can also use the command method Cleos to perform cross-chain transfer operations

# Asgard CC2-EOS Jungle Testnet | Cross-chain Transfer

1. Open Bifrost Dashboard: https://dash.bifrost.finance/ (opens new window)

2. Click on Extrinsics on the left navigation bar, select your Bifrost address

3. Click the link https://onlinehextools.com/convert-utf8-to-hex (opens new window) and drop down to cancel the three options

4. Convert your Bifrost address to the address starting with 0x, as shown in the figure:

5. Return to Bifrost Dashboard and imput the transfer information

6. Return to https://onlinehextools.com/convert-utf8-to-hex (opens new window) fill in a memo message at will and convert it to 0x address

7. Return to Bifrost Dashboard, imput the converted memo information, and click Submit Transaction to transfer across chain

8. Click Sign and Submit to submit the transaction

9. Return to TokenPocket wallet to check EOS balance.

# Cleos command method cross-chain transfer