Delegating and Staking

The following steps will guide any BNC holder to do Staking on Bifrost, delegate BNCs for Collators and receive Staking rewards. Learn more about the Collator System and parameters. (*This tutorial was capturing under the testnet, ASG equals to Bifrost BNC on mainnet.)
Step 1: Make sure you have BNC (claim test-BNC on Bifrost Faucet), go to https://bifrost.app, switch to Bifrost Stage Network check all Collators.
Active: Active Collators, producing blocks and releasing Staking rewards. (The more stake a Collator has, the less reward the delegator gets, and vice versa)
Waiting: Collator candidates, no Staking rewards.
Tip: For each Collator, only top 100 delegators can receive Staking rewards, the ranking relates to delegating amount.
Step 2: Choose one Collator and click “delegate”, confirm the minimum bonding amount and start delegating.
Step 3: Check your Staking data & status.
Step 4: Unbond, revoke delegating. Click “unbond” and redeem your bondings, wait 24 rounds then you can receive it (no reward during the revoking period).